Price Tables for Mac & PC Repair Services

Price Tables for Mac & PC Repair Services, call (219) 476-0008 to schedule your Mac, PC computer desktop or even laptop repair. Valpo and the surrounding areas.

Unique Geek publishes clear labor charges for computer repair services. We’ll charge the published labor fee – per table below – for every individual repair that’s performed in our local store.

A diagnostic is performed on all computers received to verify the problem and determine whether a part replacement is required. Diagnostic is FREE when you choose to complete the repair. In case you choose to not complete the repair after a diagnosis, a diagnosis fee of $25.00 will be charged except we are unable to fix your laptop computer. In such a case, the diagnostic fee will be waived.

If multiple repair is performed on your laptop (for example, your Hard Disk and CD are both changed), we will add the rates for each repair to obtain a total labor rate, plus the price for whatever replacement parts are required for this repair.

Pricing Table

ServicesRegular CustomersUniversity Students
Bios Password Recovery$79$59
Computer Installation/Setup$40$30
Computer Peripheral Installation/Setup$75$55
CPU/Processor Replacement$99$89
Create “Restore CD”$29$19
Computer Installation/Setup$40$30
Data Backup Services$95$85
Hard Disk Drive Replacement$149$129
Memory Replacement$29$19
Operating System Installation $69$59
Power Supply Replacement$59$49
Software Troubleshooting$75$55
System Board Replacement$119$99
Virus/Adware/Spyware Removal$69$59
Email  Software Setup$49$39
Anti virus Install$29$19